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작성일 : 18-01-08 20:07
LEJ 님 (T 03월 28일) M, L, R, V, S, A, P, B, A - 완료 -
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02월 26일 기숙사 확정

Dear L** E****,

Greetings from Taylor’s Hostel Management!

With this email, we are pleased to inform you that your booking and room type has been confirmed.

Kindly refer to the following details for a smoother onboarding and check-in experience:



Location                               : U Residence, Taylor’s Lakeside Campus

Confirmed Room Type     : Standard Single with  Kitchenette

Common Check-in Date  : 17th & 18th March 2018

Briefing Sessions              : 10.30am  /  11.30am  /  12.30pm  /  2pm  /  3pm  /  4pm (please choose one)


  • If you are unable to attend the Common Check-in, kindly provide your actual check-in/arrival date for us to prepare the room for your arrival. Otherwise, your check-in experience may be delayed.
  • Failure to check-in by 31st March 2018 will result in forfeiture of all payments made and immediate release of your room booking without further notice.


FIRST 6-MONTHS ADVANCE RENTAL (kindly ignore if this payment has been paid)

You may proceed to make payment of 6-months advance rental BEFORE check-in. Kindly refer available payment options here. You may obtain an Official Receipt at our Payment Counter (Block A, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus).



Date      : 28th March 2018

Time      : 5pm - 8pm

Venue  : U Lounge @ U Residence, Taylor’s Lakeside Campus



  • NO bedding set will be provided. You may bring along your own bedding set, or purchase one from us at RM180/set.
  • You may bring personal belongings to ensure your comfort during your stay with us.
  • Please present this email and your Official Receipt at our Helpdesk when you arrive.


For further enquiries, please contact us directly at 03-5631 3400.

We look forward to welcoming you here at Taylor’s.

Yours Sincerely,
Taylor’s Hostel Management

02월 28일 2차 비용 송금 확인

03월 06일 출국 브리핑은 03월 09일 진행 예정

03월 12일 SEV 발급 확인

03월 20일 변경된 이민국 절차 안내

03월 21일 무사 도착 확인, 담당자 접선 확인

03월 22일 학교 보고 확인, Payment counter 확인,OT 진행 확인


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180 KYR 님 (T 03월 27일) 불꽃 12-10 1 0
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178 MSH 님 (SG 03월 15일) 불꽃 11-26 5 0
177 KSH 님 (SG 03월 15일) 불꽃 11-26 3 0
176 BSJ 님 (I 01월 21일) 불꽃 11-23 5 0
175 JJY 님 (I 01월 21일) 불꽃 11-13 6 0
174 HJY 님 (T 01월 00일) M 불꽃 11-13 3 0
173 JYH 님 (H 03월 00일) 불꽃 11-02 8 0
172 SJY 님 (SC 01월 16일) M, L, R 불꽃 11-02 12 0
171 KDJ 님 (H 01월 09일) M, L, R, V, S, A 불꽃 10-29 14 0
170 KYJ 님 (T 03월 27일) M, L 불꽃 10-16 14 0
169 PYJ 님 (T 03월 00일) M, L, R, V, S, A, P, B 불꽃 10-08 17 0
168 JCH 님 (REAL3 01월 07일) M, L, R 불꽃 10-04 13 0
167 JSH 님 (REAL4 01월 07일) M, L, R 불꽃 10-04 15 0
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